Villans took over Hollywood Studios for a night and I was there to witness it all!

This is what my days off have been like. I hope you enjoy more Disney fun!

Where Have You Been?

Hey! Wow, time flies! I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted a video. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. I became a trainer. 

I love it! It’s been great meeting new people that love Disney. I also wrote my service test (yes, you have to write a test.) I PASSED. Now I am in Food Running. I finished my training for that. It was intense, I worked 10 days straight.

So what have I been up to? LOTS! I ate the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream. I’ve been to all the parks, plus Universal. I’ve done some fun breakfast stuff. I watched the new parade. I even made a little video compilation about the past few weeks. It’s Here! 

But I will be updating more and posting more videos. I promise.

Until next time,

Have a Magical Day.


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When I Am Force Extended.

It’s been a while…

but what can I tell you?

Lots! I finished all of my prove it days. I am a real employee!

July 1st was Canada Day. I was lucky enough not to work, but I did go in for the free food. (I am living on Podium Pay) It was great, free Mickey bars. Then we went around the world with come Canadian. To finish the day we went to Hollywood Studios (Cassidy and I, a fellow Canadian). We rode star tours 3 times in a row and both got to be rebel spies. Then finished the night with tower of terror and fantasmic. A very successful day.

Last night was July 4th. I worked all day, but got out just in time to see the fireworks. They go all out for their July 4th firework. I heard it is the biggest firework show next to New Years. It was great to Celebrate for the first time. We don’t do anything that big for Canada Day back home.

Oh! Big News! My roomies and I finally got a TV. We had our first official movie night. We watched “All the Right Wrongs.” It was very predictable but still a good rom-com to end a long day.

Till next time,

Have a Magical Day.

theperksofbeingamuggleborn said: Hi there! I just wanted to say I love your blog and your videos. I've just applied to the crp and the videos are a big help... my mum also likes them cause she can see what it would be like for me if I go... wish me luck and keep up with the good work. Caitlin

Aw thanks so much! Good luck! You will love the program. Let me know how your interview goes and if you are coming down. 

Disney CRP Ep 11: My Day at Universal Studios.
 - I got away from Disney for the day and decided to head to Universal Studios. 

Training and Prove It!

I am in the middle of my training adventure and it is amazing. I’m really enjoying it and picking it up fairly quickly. I was worried since I’d never worked in a restaurant before but they teach you everything you need to know. I had some amazing trainer who helped me a lot. 

I’ve gotten to meet a lot of the other Canadian’s that work at the Pavilion. They are really nice, and everyone’s been helpful when I’m not sure of what to do. Even the managers are super great. 

I got one day of on job training for each position and now have a prove it day in each position on my own. I was nervous for my first few prove it days, but they’ve turned out super great.

What have I been up to? Well, last week I went to Epcot and Downtown Disney. We went to House of Blue and saw 22 Jump Street. I also spent a day at Universal and got a years pass. It was great. I cannot wait to go back and see the new Harry Potter.

Today I have my first Prove It Day on the Popcorn Cart. My last day is Monday. Then I will officially be all trained.

Until next time,

Have a Magical Day.

(side note: I can’t actually say that in my job. I know…so sad!)

When my alarm goes off for a morning shift.

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